Aug 07

An endless stream of mobile payment solutions.

From Ctutu industry veteran, told reporters recently that the company will with China UnionPay launched based on the credit card of the phone audio jack mobile payment, mobile POS, everyday laying by the CUP or bank line of POS devices installed on the phone, form a new mobile payment scheme.

Hereco Android SmartPhone With 4.0 inch capacitive Touch Screen (GPS, WIFI, WCDMA, IPS)

Hereco Android SmartPhone With 4.0 inch capacitive Touch Screen (GPS, WIFI, WCDMA, IPS)

August 7, this reporter asked stakeholders to commercial banks and China UnionPay, UnionPay has indeed studying the latest China mobile phone payment program, but the program safety, convenience, mainly applies to the individual user, when it comes large-scale merchant application, the relevant safety standards, how to solve the still studying it.

Commercial mode in doubt

Before the introduction of the mobile POS programs, mobile payments application mode, there are four, the SIM card, SD card, foil, NFC mobile phones and other, different modes dependent on the mobile phone media.

Especially in June this year, China Mobile and the the CUP end of the contention of prolonged technical standards (13.56MHZ and 2.4G), the signing of the Cooperation Framework Agreement, the market is looking forward to the full launch of the UnionPay standard commercial.

Histar MTK6577 Dure Core CPU Android 5.3 inch Smart Phone (8MP Camera WIFI GPS 3G WCDMA)

Histar MTK6577 Dure Core CPU Android 5.3 inch Smart Phone (8MP Camera WIFI GPS 3G WCDMA)

However, the new Mobile POS program is the first by the CUP rather than operators launched to let the market is somewhat unexpected.

In accordance with the foregoing the advantages and disadvantages of several options is relatively low, the cost of replacing the SIM card and SD card support mobile payment, but need banks, operators and CUP multilateral cooperation, the replacement of the NFC mobile phone, the higher cost.

CUP has a SD card costs more advantageous payment solutions, operators follow-up to launch a low-cost solution to deal with competition is considered reasonable, but with the outside world thought the mobile POS program remains the CUP and related third-party launch operators and which does not share.

Operators in the mobile POS program, but a channel to receive the traffic charges, and no trading income of the commission. “Stakeholders told reporters.

A bank’s mobile payment project manager also believes that perhaps did not look at the business model, operators in the mobile payments is not much action.

Mobile POS seems to solve the convenience and cost of mobile payment, mobile credit card costs are significantly lower than the POS, the future users in their own cell phone audio jack placement of a swipe card reader, take the CUP card credit card, you can complete the payment .

But the biggest question from the safety and use of space. Aforementioned banks believe that if it is credit card in their phones, the average user will be assured, but if the merchants on the phone card can pass security is a major obstacle. In addition, this card’s cost, is purchased by the users themselves, acquiring banks, CUP, or third-party payment has not yet determined.

Banking concerns

In the opinion of the aforementioned bank official, traditional payment field banks and CUP card-issuing, transfer, received a single sharing mechanism may not be applicable in the field of mobile POS. Even if applicable, pending the resolution of security problems, may not be able to obtain the application’s success, so they choose to wait and see.

In fact, in the thunder, little rain the field of mobile payment, the bank’s pace has been slow, most banks are still willing to focus reluctant to enter the stage in the mobile banking and mobile payment stage.

Ningbo Bank has recently launched a mobile banking based on IPHONE version of the line, the new Ministry of Science and Technology to support its business in the bank. Outlets to do a simple transaction to a customer, banks need to withstand the per capita cost of about 4, if the customer is more likely to use mobile banking to complete the transfer, query, remittances and other basic services, will reduce the bank, the Bank president, the assistant Wang Yongjie pressure.

As to whether it will launch a mobile payment products in the future, Wang Yongjie that this is a long term arrangement, first take the short term mobile banking services.

Bank of Ningbo, has revealed the real idea of ?most banks and CUP continues to introduce new compared agencies in the field of mobile payment Bank in whether to enter the field of large-scale mobile phone to pay, seems still hesitates.

“Again, this business model is not completely clear, Mobile POS will eventually be an innovative product, or just a flash in the pan, do not say.” People think of the aforementioned bank is responsible for.

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Jul 25

July 25 – Sony Walkman and Kodak film camera has swept the world in today’s almost hard to find, while the Apple iPod and SLR cameras sold worldwide. Facts have proved that each time the transformation of the IT industry, will give some of the emerging enterprise opportunities, the original enterprise, if you do not seize the time transformation, the outcome may be the same as Kodak fell into decline.

Mainframe era, the achievements of the IBM Corporation; the process of transformation from the mainframe to the individual PC industry chain of the Wintel alliance began to rise, Intel, Microsoft, Acer and other companies to become the technology giants of the IT industry; change from a PC to the Internet era Google, Baidu and other Internet companies in the process of achievement.

Teclstar 9.7 Inch Android 4.0 Tablet PC (1.6GHz CPU 1G Ram 16GB Storage)

Teclstar 9.7 Inch Android 4.0 Tablet PC (1.6GHz CPU 1G Ram 16GB Storage)

9.7 inch android tablet pc

Is undergoing similar changes in the industry, analysts predict, people are faced with an age of the Internet many times the field, that is, the mobile Internet market. From a variety of authoritative analysts of the data shows that the mobile Internet era has arrived.

Ctutu data show that worldwide PC shipments in a rare negative growth. Another report from CNNIC, the agency said in China, mobile phones become the largest Internet terminal. China is one of the most important market for global IT. This means that the traditional PC industry is facing a turning point, the mobile Internet interest, the traditional PC is into the slow development period.

Traditional PC change? Abandoned the PC or PC +

HP, Lenovo, Acer and Dell PC companies recognize the need for transformation, but each play is not the same. HP once want to abandon the PC business, turned to more profitable enterprise business; Dell is targeting the IT services market, and trying to belittle the image of a PC makers was seen as.

In comparison, Lenovo and Acer play: to make the PC based on product line extension, at the same time to enter the smart phone, Tablet PC field.

Lenovo is a transition firm enterprise, and PC + creative strategy. Previously, the industry’s hear more on the assertion of the post-PC era. Include Lenovo PC + strategy, a PC, a blueprint for smart phones, tablet and smart TV is building.

The smartphone is undoubtedly an important part of Lenovo PC + strategy, Lenovo to set up Liu Jun, in command of the the MIDH Group (Lenovo Mobile Internet and Digital Home Business Group). In accordance with the timetable for the Group, Lenovo 2010 smartphone launched in 2011 to 26 smart phones, 2012 will be introduced over 40 models of smart phones.

The latest data from CTUTU, Lenovo’s overall China mobile phone market share reached 11% on Nokia beyond; smart phone market share reached 13 percent, beyond the vendors such as Huawei, and to become China’s second-largest mobile phone brands.

Analysis of Lenovo mobile phone model? Bundled operators + attract developers to do APP

Lenovo launched its first generation of Music Phone Lenovo as the mobile phone industry outsider. Lenovo not only to face the upstart like Apple, will have to face the old mobile phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola and Sky siege. Analysts for the traditional PC vendors do mobile phones, is not very optimistic.

The concerns of the industry is not redundant, because the association although in the PC side the advantage, however, the manipulator of the way and PC of the phone is not the same, related to the operator, partners (Qualcomm, Unitech), R & D, channel development, such as multi-faceted.

Operators, Lenovo has launched three major operators of standard mobile phone. Operators in China’s telecommunications industry, there have operators who have the world say, with bundled sales of mobile phone manufacturers can be obtained. It is reported that Lenovo’s competitors also imitate this practice, the news that Acer chairman has held secret operators want to support.

Liu revealed that the dialogue with CTUTU IT Lenovo products in China Unicom custom machine and mobile custom machine are ranked in first place in the telecommunications custom machine inside the top of the spear.

From the PC industry for many years the layout for the association to promote mobile convenience, It is reported that in a lot of Lenovo sales channels, the Music Phone Lenovo and Lenovo PC was put together for user selection. In addition, operators pathway has also become an important channel of Lenovo Mobile.

In terms of mobile phone positioning, Lenovo, both in cooperation with Qualcomm, the introduction of the high-end Music Phone range of products at the same time, and MediaTek, the introduction of the thousand or so a large number of best-selling models, such as the Lenovo A60 has created a monthly sales of more than a million results .

Ability to obtain support from the developers is the key to the success of smart phones. Compared with traditional mobile phones, smart phones pay more attention to user experience, rather than the phone’s hardware parameters. In this regard, the association dedicated to creating music application store, and set up a fund of several hundred million dollars to support the developers.

In 2010, the company launched the “Music Fund”, support for native application development business growth. “Music Fund” first phase of investment of 100 million yuan, managed by Legend Holdings, the company’s professional investment team operations. “Music Fund”, as the angel investors will focus on the development of start-up and early business support in the mobile Internet applications and services.

Liu said in the dialogue with CTUTU IT app store has more than 70,000 applications, nearly ten million monthly downloads, the latest data is Lenovo music application store has been downloaded more than 100 million times. Referring to the strategy to build a music store, Liu stressed, Lenovo insisted Andrews + strategy on top of the native system in Andrews, plus Lenovo’s own software.

Domestic mobile phone Ranking

Q: success of Lenovo Mobile Trader model of sustainability?

CTUTU latest data show that, Lenovo’s overall mobile phone market share reached 11% on Nokia beyond; smart phone market share reached 13 percent, beyond the vendors such as Huawei, and to become China’s second-largest mobile phone brands.

A separate data from Analysys, Huawei is the second of the smart phone manufacturers. But whether it is Shiner Analysys data show that Lenovo Mobile has become the leading brand of Chinese mobile phone industry.

Data released in CTUTU day, the IT industry generally have a voice in the question: Lenovo Mobile to go far? Lenovo’s two victories can last long? This is a tug of war or a war of annihilation of a smart phone?

Liu said in the dialogue with CTUTU T, Lenovo is the fastest growing brand in the mobile phone manufacturer, last year, Lenovo’s share of the smart phone is about one percentage point this year has reached 13 percent, we believe Lenovo’s domestic market share will continue to growth.

Liu predicted that Lenovo Mobile will be completed within a year or two beyond, to become the leader of the domestic market share. In this regard, Liu detailed the Lenovo Mobile to Sohu IT Road.

“Speed ??has become the core competitiveness of Lenovo Mobile, one of R & D speed, First, the speed of the supply chain.” Said Liu Jun, smart phones than traditional mobile phones more like PCs, therefore, the product delivery time became particularly important, who first to enter the market who will have a head start. ”

At this stage, Apple and Samsung patent dispute lawsuit began in earnest in the world. Analysts said Apple does not expect with the patent litigation is completely blocked Samsung to enter the competition and Apple products market, but would like to take the patent litigation to delay the timing of competitors’ products enter the market.

Thus, to seize the opportunities to become particularly important. Introduced, according to Liu Jun, Lenovo’s first best-selling models A60 color using MTK solution, from design to development to market in just five months, in accordance with the normal process, the same configuration of intelligent models often require 9-12 months of preparation time, Lenovo ahead of competitors in three or four months, in order to grab the opportunity, and accounted for the thousand Yuan machine market.

Interview process, Liu Jun, an important factor in the success of Lenovo mobile phone is an occasion, a bit like the rise of Lenovo in the PC industry, when the PC and the Internet economy gave birth to the prosperity of the PC industry, but today, mobile the outbreak of the Internet to the Lenovo mobile phone opportunity.

In the dialogue process with CTUTU IT, Liu said Lenovo Mobile is already considering international expansion, and has taken a number of footsteps, such as Lenovo launched a smart phone in the Russian market. Accordance with the planning of the Lenovo Group, Lenovo will take the first emerging markets, after mature market strategy, the focus of this year, Russia, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The end of the interview, Liu stressed that our primary task is to do the domestic market into the international market, Lenovo does not rule out the interview with mergers and acquisitions strategy.

Previously, Lenovo executives repeatedly claimed that M & A has become the core competitiveness of the Lenovo Group. Look at the history of mergers and acquisitions from Lenovo, Lenovo has successfully completed and the integration of the United States IBM, NEC of Japan and Germany, Medion. Of course, the above integration is built around the PC expanded.

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Jul 20

China Internet Network Information Center yesterday released the “30th China Internet Development Statistics Report. The “report” shows that as of the end of June 2012, the number of Chinese netizens reached 538 million, Internet penetration rate of 9.9%. Among them, the number of Internet users access the Internet through mobile phones reached 388 million, for the first time more than 380 million of the desktop computer.

Histar MTK6577 Dure Core CPU Android 5.3 inch Smart Phone (8MP Camera WIFI GPS 3G WCDMA)

Histar MTK6577 Dure Core CPU Android 5.3 inch Smart Phone (8MP Camera WIFI GPS 3G WCDMA)

5.3 inch android smartphone

We are now accustomed to the blowout phenomenon of Internet users, but this “report” of a data is particularly noteworthy: the number of mobile Internet more than the number of desktop computers, the Internet.

Desktop computers due to the limitations of the mobile, can only play a role in private space. A large number of handheld Internet devices as smart phones and thin piece of umbilical cord (cable) and wireless Internet access, Internet connection was cut, as long as the signal, the phone can become a computer with Internet access. These handheld devices are basically high-definition photographic cameras, these lenses is the third eye, and not just individual eyes, but also via the Internet with millions of people, “Watch” Connection has become a “shared eye” . In this way, some of the work bear by the reporter, and now have been hundreds of thousands of China mobile phone users have snatched. You say the word, and eat a meal, smoke a cigarette, wearing a watch, open house, in private places with the bus, sit in the flood into the “chair” … may be the “third eye “record, and will soon appear in the microblogging space, forums like the socialization of private media.

Dual SIM 3G GPS Rugged Android Smartphone with Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof Function

Dual SIM 3G GPS Rugged Android Smartphone with Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof Function

rugged android phone

Encounter “negative news” presented online, those who are accustomed to the “blocking” may also want to use the old method to block the dissemination of information. But they soon found that, compared with traditional media, the kind of detached single-family Internet “portal” countless, even with the mighty force it is difficult to deter the spread of the virus type, and more block, negative evaluation may be more.

E Like Coleman (Erik Qualman), the U.S. network and marketing experts as early as in 2009 published the famous “social economy: how social media to reshape our lives and way of doing things. In this book, Coleman raised the point of view of social media = defensive behavior. He believes that social media compels us to follow the phrase an old saying: “10 head of TV, 10 hand within the meaning of” not as the company does not maintain communication with customers, and negative evaluation seen as a stumbling block; and as a company and individuals like it very much online criticism. They take full advantage of these criticisms, and to improve their products or services in accordance with customer requirements, thereby enhancing their competitiveness. “For example, constructive feedback is like a friend, he will before your blind date to tell your teeth stained with poppy seeds.”

Here, Coleman, then mainly for business, but in fact is also suitable for other areas. Administrative, a bit like a “company”, the public is the “customer” in the face of criticism, there are also constraints media to restrain himself …

538 million Internet users, 388 million mobile phone users, this figure arising from political, economic, way, way of life, modes of transmission and so the change will be ever-changing and difficult to estimate.
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Jul 19

Nokia to the decline in front of the smartphone originator BlackBerry quickly became the “successor”. Narcissistic, lack of innovation so that Blackberry manufacturer RIM has suffered questioned. The recent patent damages suffered, the market value has shrunk, massive layoffs and a series of bad news is attracted to the industry’s consistent bad-mouthing, Forbes and even predict, the BlackBerry brand or will disappear in 2015.

Quad Band Dual SIM TV Mobile Phone

Quad Band Dual SIM TV Mobile Phone

Dual sim tv mobile phone

Bad luck followed

In recent days, the bad news about the BlackBerry and its manufacturer RIM continued without interruption. Last weekend, the United States Northern California District Court jury ruled that RIM Mformation Technologies of the U.S. developer of mobile management company’s patented technology to constitute infringement, and ordered RIM to pay $ 147.2 million damages. The jury requirements of the RIM BlackBerry devices to connect to the company’s enterprise-class server software for each to pay patent licensing fees of $ 8, a total of $ 147.2 million. The ruling involves only the U.S. market sold equipment, not including future foreign markets, sales of equipment.

3.6 inch Touch Screen QWERTY TV JAVA WIFI Dual Sim Cell phone

3.6 inch Touch Screen QWERTY TV JAVA WIFI Dual Sim Cell phone


The verdict is no doubt in the “scars” RIM who sprinkled the salt. RIM recently released the first quarter of fiscal year 2013 results, the company revenues of $ 2.814 billion, down 43 percent from $ 4.908 billion in the same period last year; net loss of $ 518 million. Not included in the goodwill impairment charge, the RIM’s first-quarter net loss of $ 192 million loss per share of 37 cents, this performance far less than analysts had expected. Affected by this negative news, RIM shares after-hours fell 18 percent, the market value has shrunk to $ 4.1 billion. Over the past year, RIM shares have fallen 70 percent.

Order to save money, RIM 5,000 job cuts worldwide, account for about 30% of the total number of employees, which is RIM’s second within a year large-scale layoffs. In July last year, RIM has announced to lay off 2,000 people worldwide to promote corporate restructuring.

The decline in the performance of RIM and its BlackBerry phone and playbook Tablet PC still can not change the situation of weak sales. In this case, RIM hopes pinned on its next-generation operating system, the BlackBerry 10. But it is disappointing that the BlackBerry 10 release date once again dragged until early next year.

Qwerty Keyboard Tri SIM FM/Bluetooth/Analog TV Mobile Phone

Qwerty Keyboard Tri SIM FM/Bluetooth/Analog TV Mobile Phone


RIM CEO Hynes, the explanation is: RIM does not not ready to let the products listed on this matter is by no means compromise. However, the move triggered a RIM shareholder dissatisfaction, companies or facing litigation dangerous.

Market research firm Forrester Research analyst, said the delay the release of the BlackBerry 10 implied that the smart phone in the new iPhone, other mobile phones based on Microsoft Windows operating system, and upgrade the Andrews phone after the expected time to market to market. This makes the RIM face greater difficulties in attracting the attention of the market its new phones on.

However, confident Hynes, said the company is currently a well-functioning, and have the confidence to become a strong competitor in the field of smart phones in the coming years. RIM did not neglect the global market, did not fall into a death spiral. But he also acknowledged that the company is in transition, facing very serious challenges.

Dual SIM WiFi GPS Touchscreen TV Android 2.2 QWERTY Cell phone

Dual SIM WiFi GPS Touchscreen TV Android 2.2 QWERTY Cell phone


IDC data show that the RIM in the first quarter of this year in the global smart phone market share fell by more than half fell to 6.4%. Google Android’s share rose to 59 percent, Apple iOS accounted for 23%. From this data point of view, from Hynes expectations are far.

Lack of innovation in a declining

As the originator of the smart phone, RIM’s BlackBerry “push mail” service as well as safe and stable performance in 2001, “9.11″ incident, swept the world, when many business people is an urgent need for timely receipt of e-mail, so e-mail text messages made very popular. However, with the coming of 3G era, China mobile phone wind direction has changed, and while RIM has been immersed in the realm, there is no time to keep up with the changing times.

The advent of the Apple iPhone, smart phones into the era of touch screen is not a small impact on the physical keyboard BlackBerry, but the BlackBerry does not agree with Apple’s design philosophy. But the fact is, Apple iPhone, coupled with the rapid expansion of the Andrews mobile phone, the BlackBerry is a step toward decline.

Analysys International analyst Wang Ying said that the BlackBerry is by switching to other functional terminal communications products, this and other mobile terminal vendors are different, such a position is bound to the BlackBerry will be a niche product. RIM BlackBerry user positioning within this: only the government and business users with a unique encryption technology hardware products. However, the entire industry to the big screen, touch screen and the direction of the mass entertainment transformation, which makes the BlackBerry awareness in a little bit reduce.

Telecommunications expert Xiang Ligang, the BlackBerry in the mobile Internet era, did not find the feeling of the smart phone, but one-sided point of view from the office to look at the smart phone, walked into a small alley. Positive reception of user needs, not with an open mind is a major factor of the BlackBerry altar.

As for the slow transition movements, Xiang Ligang, keep up the pace that is easier said than done. Nokia in 2004, declared that he was not a mobile phone companies, but Internet companies, the final outcome? Some companies do not not see the changes in the market is difficult, but truly seize the opportunity to transform successfully.

Management of the battle added to the internal friction

Management confusion, on the other hand, a serious drag on the RIM. Previously, the company has been jointly by two CEO in charge of the overall situation of the company’s development strategy, they have a different understanding of each other in the management route constraints, and rarely even to attend, and the two solutions is also very different.

For example, Lazaridis advocate the introduction of the new BlackBerry operating system, Balsillie tried to path of licensing its own technology. Later, RIM has made a series of acts that stampeded into the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion supports both the iPhone and Android devices. A move that undoubtedly RIM to give up your core assets, and gave up the possibility of the formation of the unique barriers to competition operating system and RIM to bring more negative impact. Such a situation, until January this year, Hynes took office to an end.

Since then, Google and Microsoft gave the RIM opportunity, the industry also called for the BlackBerry to switch to Android or Windows Phone platform, but due to face, done a brief consideration, RIM gave up to change the system of decision.

Hynes made it clear that do not want RIM to enter the field of one can not completely control the business. “We do not attach importance to enter the recommendations of other open source operating platform is only as a manufacturer and was told you can not do, you can only do that, then the potential difference is how to reflect? Growth potential of the embody? I personally do not think that access to other operating platforms RIM and its shareholders will be able to bring a substantial dividend income. “he said.

Experts have pointed out, lose the ability to innovate is the real reason for RIM’s competitors far behind. RIM’s error lies in the general direction never recognize the phone as an entrance, you can do more. Meanwhile the struggle between the management has also increased internal friction. Does not encourage innovative mechanisms which layer of employees is at any time will be laid off the edge, to keep their jobs no big mistakes than anything else is more important. Middle-level staff should have innovative pusher.

Sale or transition

For the future, RIM has always wanted to make a comeback because of the delay there is no clear strategic goals and enable the industry to have a different guess its prospects, or the sale? Or transformation? Or dead?

Not long ago, the news that RIM is considering the company into two, the mobile phone unit from the information network department separated, and the sale of BlackBerry hardware business. Another plan is to remain intact, but will sell the shares, the potential buyer is Microsoft.

Communications World Network editor-in-chief Liu Qicheng that can get the benefits of working with Microsoft is a large injection of capital and technology. This, then, RIM’s original mobile phone business will be adversely affected. But also learned the lessons of Nokia, can not easily give up their own system. Sell ??mobile phone unit, a move that could be replicated previous Motorola. Perhaps split the mobile phone unit, and then sold at high price Hynes said RIM’s new development strategy.

But these speculations, RIM claimed that prefer to ride out the storm on their own. May BlackBerry 10 launch of the news came out, the industry RIM “self-reliance” in one look bad. Many analysts believe that the BlackBerry 10 too late to easily lead to many users of the RIM in this gap to switch to Apple iPhone and Google Android camp. And consumers have also been tired continue to wait for BlackBerry series of smart phones, RIM is difficult to take this reversal of the situation.

Addition to the sale, the sound of another transition. As the Canadian Finance Minister said, the RIM need to find a way to choose their own path. If RIM is timely to recognize their own reasons of the decline and the current market situation, discard the old concepts of innovative technologies and future prospects of the market to make accurate pre-sentence, or to carve out a revival of the road.

Some analysts believe RIM is traditionally a software, hardware and services to single-handedly company. Systems and hardware are increasingly uncompetitive, throw away the hardware manufacturing sector in transition would be a choice for enterprise-class ISP.

It is reported that the choice of IBM’s successful example of the former, while RIM has always been known for its enterprise-grade push email and data encryption services. In fact, RIM did make such an attempt. Since April this year, RIM has taken great pains to promote the cross-platform business management services to the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion adoption worldwide.

However, RIM is also difficult in this direction. According to the latest financial report, fiscal year 2013 first quarter, RIM’s profit structure, the hardware business accounted for 59%, while services account for only 36%. If RIM wants to focus on enterprise-class service, only to face massive layoffs and loss of profits, divest the hardware business to bring, but also the face of competitors comprehensive check. Previously, Microsoft the Surface and Windows Phone8, two conference emphasized the products of enterprise-class applications and reliable business services, and Apple is also long-term enterprise applications in the official website to promote their products.

In the end, the restructuring or sale, RIM has no clear answer, the industry has no uniform conclusion. Xiang Ligang said that supporting the sale of the practice, if not sold, the future is even harder sell. Ying believes that enterprises should closely follow the changes in the market, to change their products are expected, and the sooner the better. The mobile phone industry is rapidly changing. If no timely transition, it would be difficult to remedy.

However, the transition or sale, RIM faced with no small difficulty. But one thing is sure, in decision-making continues to slow down, RIM from the dead may be really far away.

With the sharp decline of the influence of the BlackBerry market forecast, according to Forbes, the potential acquirer faces a dilemma, continue to use or create a new brand will be a big problem, the BlackBerry brand or will disappear in 2015.
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Jul 18

“Heyday” to describe today’s Samsung Group, it would not be an exaggeration.

Earnings, the Samsung TV business for five consecutive years of global market share; the first quarter of 2012, Samsung 14 years of global mobile phone leader Nokia finally voted out, and boarded the throne of the global mobile phone sales champion.

Canstar 4.3 Inch 3G Android Smart Phone (GPS WiFi WCDMA)

Canstar 4.3 Inch 3G Android Smart Phone (GPS WiFi WCDMA)

4.3 inch 3G android phone

Despite the very obvious trend of global economic recession, many former industry giants have also caught in a huge loss of situation, but Samsung still achieved in the first quarter of this year net profit growth of 98 percent of the amazing performance, according to Samsung announced second quarter results The expected net profit turn-than-expected 79% growth.

Giantstar 7 Inch 3G Android Tablet TV Mobile Phone

Giantstar 7 Inch 3G Android Tablet TV Mobile Phone

7 inch android tablet phone

Technology companies in the U.S. “Fortune” magazine published last week in the 2012 Fortune 500 list, topped by Samsung, with revenue of $ 148.9 billion, Samsung ranked No. 20, representing an increase of two, and then time, Samsung has consolidated its position as the world’s largest technology companies.

There is a saying in Korea: a Korean life can not be separated in three things, namely, death, taxes and Samsung. A Reuters journalist has described Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee said: As long as he is coughing, South Korea will be cold. Also known as South Korea’s “economic president” and his ideal is to South Korea to build “strong country” like Sweden, Finland, the United States, “Newsweek” called Lee Kun-hee is Korea behind the emperor.

Teclstar 9.7 Inch Android 4.0 Tablet PC (1.6GHz CPU 1G Ram 16GB Storage)

Teclstar 9.7 Inch Android 4.0 Tablet PC (1.6GHz CPU 1G Ram 16GB Storage)

9.7 inch android tablet pc

However, Lee has always said “be prepared”, but behind the prosperity sharp smell of winter, the “murderous”, “Samsung is in crisis, and more serious than expected.” Lee said. To this end, Samsung recently to all of its branch issued a notice: all employees to work at half past six in the morning, Huang’s own six-point work.

This warning is not the first time Lee Samsung internal staff to advance to prevent the possible arrival of the crisis. In 2010, Samsung first became the world’s largest IT giant, Lee then began to advocate a modest culture “, because the tree attracts the wind, he believes the company will face unprecedented challenges. Crisis, the total coming in when you think you are the boss. “Lee said.

Premium Leather Case for iPad (Envelop Style)

Premium Leather Case for iPad (Envelop Style)

envelop leather case for iPad

Where is winter?

In May of this year, the 70-year-old Lee once again embarked on a European journey up to four weeks, “The current global economic downturn, especially in many European issues, I hope that person to have witnessed and experience the situation in Europe.” The debt crisis is the most serious Spain, his first destination.

For Samsung electronics companies, Europe is the most important European high-end electronic products market, the Samsung in terms of the proportion of the European market in its income would account for about 30%, especially television and China mobile phone sales and market share has remained the leading Similarly, the income share of the U.S. market and market conditions.

“I looked at four of the most difficult countries such as Italy and France, Europe (economic) situation is worse than imagined.” Lee said after the end of the inspection in Europe and Japan.

His neighbor Japan’s economic deterioration is also worried: “Japan is suffering from the economic downturn, the future will be difficult to constantly, but also very worrying. I came back specifically to passing Japan met with some understanding of the economic situation in Japan Japan different from before, is in severe trouble, it is difficult to turnaround very worried. “Japanese IT companies, such as Sony and Panasonic collective stuck loss quagmire, and also happens to reflect this dilemma.

“Samsung is a global company, last year’s sales of over $ 140 billion, of which more than 80 percent from overseas markets, changes in the international environment will allow Samsung deeply affected.” Home appliances observers Liu Buchen, told reporters. It is also Lee’s tour international study tour, to accelerate the pace of Samsung’s implementation of the “crisis management”.

Samsung AC head of the the Liren Long said, the volatility of the exchange rate, oil prices and other sensitive indicators means that the crisis is about to come. Although Samsung has launched the Galaxy new smart phones on the market was tight, but the continuing impact of the European debt crisis, resulting in problems of other business, product price and consumer demand continue to decline, the euro exchange rate fluctuations and other factors caused by Samsung many negative effects. Samsung will likely cut sales estimates for the European television market, home appliances and smart phones.

Chinese Clasic Design Mini Speaker FM Radio Music Player SD/TF Card Reader

Chinese Clasic Design Mini Speaker FM Radio Music Player SD/TF Card Reader

Chinese classic mini speaker and mp3 player

In addition to the impact of the external environment, in terms of Samsung, the more urgent crisis from itself, the great success of the mobile phone business, propelled Samsung to become the first major technology company, but also planted the profit point of focus too much on the business development of serious imbalance the hidden danger.

Diamond Style FM Radio Micro SD/TF Mini Speaker MP3 Music Player

Diamond Style FM Radio Micro SD/TF Mini Speaker MP3 Music Player

Diamond style mini speaker mp3 player

Samsung Electronics in 2012 first quarter results, including the telecommunications sector, including the mobile phone business profit of 4.27 trillion won, an increase of nearly twice accounted for 73 percent of the company’s operating profit, while the former major source of profit for home appliances, panel semiconductors profits accounted for less than 30%.

Has always been fast-changing mobile phone industry, Nokia and Blackberry “decline” in the “overnight”, can not imagine that, once the mobile phone business into the downstream channel, Samsung will be how to ensure that will survive?

Samsung Next

An interesting phenomenon is that the Samsung almost every entering a new field of competitors than late: the appliance business 51 years later than the Panasonic, semiconductor business 10 years later than Intel, phone-based communication services on a full Nokia late 122 years, but Samsung always able to latecomers Habitat.

Behind the many reasons, for example, the success of Samsung’s first is to control key parts upstream of the iPhone, for example, the material costs of approximately $ 184, Samsung to get a supply of about $ 80 to become Apple’s most important upstream companies, by contrast, The entire parts industry only get $ 35.

For example, Samsung is the best followers. Samsung never “mean” to learn and imitate, but it can be done after the copy, and then you score, dead phone Tablet PC products such as patent disputes; In addition, radical sports marketing for the Samsung brand gradually into the an international perspective.

That economists Lang, Samsung R & D technology to break through an important step is to “reverse engineer” the introduction of technology, that is, through the payment of royalties, and then to mimic the way to learn the technology of others, and then transformed into the R & D direction for Samsung to use.

For example, in the initial lack of a semiconductor core technology, Samsung introduced to cover the cost of royalties semiconductor technology to Micron Technology, Inc., followed by study through continuous technology, Samsung Semiconductor products from the introduction of 64KB of dynamic memory (4 years, behind) to 64MB dynamic memory technology (synchronous) with the United States, Japan, and then to 256MB dynamic memory (the world’s leading), was only six years, becoming the first in the world.

Samsung’s famous “Sashimi Theory”, means that new products like sashimi sold quickly to take advantage of the fresh, or wait until it becomes dry fillets, it is difficult to get rid of. Development and marketing of electronic products is the same reason, before the commencement of the competition in the market the most advanced products to market, into the retail shelves. In this way, you can earn high prices brought about by the extra time difference. But if you only 2 months late, there is no competitive advantage at all.

In the future competition, these pre-existing advantages can continue to maintain Samsung’s irresistible force?

Ctutu Science and Technology Information Centre situation Jie “First Financial Daily reporter said, Samsung’s product line is too long, some of which products are high-profit, prospects were good, some are not, Samsung should continue to add and subtract, the some non-core does not make money business of the competitive weight-loss, and to foster a more competitive products.

June 7th, the Samsung Group released a statement announced the appointment of Vice Chairman of the parts business department heads Kwon Hyun’s new CEO, replacing former CEO Choi Gee-sung. Samsung also announced plans to invest $ 190 million to upgrade its chip manufacturing industry.

Ctutu Science and Technology Information Centre senior director Luo Qingqi, told reporters that the coaching change is just part of Samsung’s global strategy adjustment, and will lead to changes in its internal industrial structure and operational structure. 5 to 8 years, the consumption habits may shift from the original ‘patchwork’ ‘programmatic’ consumption, Samsung will also benefit from consumer-oriented consumer electronics company more turned to the background architecture company. “Luo Qingqi said.
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Jul 16

Held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre from July 26 to 29 2012 ChinaJoy (Tenth China International Digital Interactive Entertainment fairs) has entered a countdown. Insiders predicted that with the popularity of mobile Internet, mobile games will sing the highlight of this year’s ChinaJoy, especially the Android phone game will shine in the ChinaJoy.

Canstar 4.3 Inch 3G Android Smart Phone (GPS WiFi WCDMA)

Canstar 4.3 Inch 3G Android Smart Phone (GPS WiFi WCDMA)

4.3 inch 3G android phone

The main reason analysts believe that the reason why the Android China mobile phone games ChinaJoy highlight of the Android mobile game has gone through the dark ages can not make money, lot of good Android game is to earn the bucket of gold. Android mobile game is how to never make money becomes money?

For a long time, subject to the payment of piracy and user habits and other problems, the Android game developers have been difficult to obtain revenue. However, this situation is changing.

First, the explosive growth of the Android users is the strong backing of the Android game to make money. Data show that the first quarter of 2012, Chinese iPhone, activate a total of 30 million Android phone total of up to 60 million. Expected, the iPhone by the end of 2012, the domestic total to reach 60 million, the total Android phone will exceed 140 million.

Giantstar 7 Inch 3G Android Tablet TV Mobile Phone

Giantstar 7 Inch 3G Android Tablet TV Mobile Phone

7 inch 3G android tablet tv phone

Secondly, the strength of a mature game open platform provides a good environment for Android to make money. For example, China’s largest mobile phone game open platform-QQ game wireless platform, relying on QQ chain of advantages, mature payment system and a strong operational capability, massive user help “Plants vs. Zombies – The Great Wall” won the first battle in the Chinese market, the monthly download over 3 million monthly income quickly over one million. According to sources, Tencent MIG exclusive agent of the Android “Plants vs Zombies – Great Wall Edition” will show in chinajoy to be formally launched the networking version worth the wait.

Again, the excellent Android games are emerging. Generally believed that the reason why ios games profitability, stronger than Android, largely because of java, symbian game developers of the game ported to the Android game quality can not be compared with the ios, less fine game, so the user Do not pay. And now there are more developers have begun to specifically games for Android developers, and wireless platform, QQ Game experienced open platform to help game developers to analyze user needs, provide development advice and technical support, so that the quality of the Android game continue to emerge.

In addition, multiple Android phone game profit model is proved to be feasible. Platform with ios rely on the different profitability of sales application, Android mobile game full use of social networking, LBS and other advantages, the use of the gaming platform user base payment habits, and enhance the viscosity of the game at the same time, also had a good profit model. QQ Games on the wireless platform, the game users can rely on the QQ chain of rapid and friends for the game, pay to buy the card habit into a mobile game in PC games, let the game run on its platform to easily earn money. In addition, embedded advertising stand-alone game widely adopted.

Soinolon 5.2 Inch 3G Android 4.0 Pad Smartphone Tablet

Soinolon 5.2 Inch 3G Android 4.0 Pad Smartphone Tablet

5.2 inch android smartphone tablet

Insiders predicted that 2012 years, the Chinese Android game market will be a monthly income of over 10 million mobile phone games, even years, billions of dollars of revenue. Android game the opportunities even better than PC gaming, because the Android game in addition to attract severe game users, but also attracted a large number of mild gamers, this is a major breakthrough on the phone user base.

For the Android game will become 2012ChinaJoy highlight of the forecast is not, there is no basis for the Android game does not make money era is gone, the Android game developers are ushering in a golden age.
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Jul 14

iPhone fifth birthday a mobile phone to change the world

On June 29, five years ago, the iPhone mobile phones come into the world. But even though the design really stunning, Steve Jobs hands of this phone without a physical keyboard and not the e-mail option, and even can not use copy and paste functions, people can not help but think it would be a failure works. The major financial media and competitors almost all of them relatively cold, and even some scoff.

Canstar 4.3 Inch 3G Android Smart Phone (GPS WiFi WCDMA)

Canstar 4.3 Inch 3G Android Smart Phone (GPS WiFi WCDMA)

4.3 inch anroid 4.0 phone

To see how they say – Bloomberg claimed that its impact would be minimal, it will only attract a small number of tech enthusiasts, Nokia or Motorola did not it mind; “Business Week” said that its BlackBerry does not pose a threat, because they are locked to different target groups, using the BlackBerry is mainly used to send and receive email, use it mainly for entertainment; Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer claims that it can not make much market share, can never be.

Eventually proved these people wrong, but horribly wrong. Just five years, because of its appearance, completely reversed the rules of the game of the computer industry and the China mobile phone industry, and even lead to the commercial, cultural, and human behavior changes.

Digital iPhone

The past five years, Apple has been offered by the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4 iPhone 4S, a total of five generations of iPhone. IPhone ancestor (the first generation iPhone) in the proportion of the total number of the many iPhone accounted for only 2%; three quarters of iPhone users are using the iPhone or iPhone 4S, but the total proportion of the words or the iPhone 4 compared accounting for 40% of the total number of

2, was launched from the iPhone this product shipments worldwide has reached 250 million, generated revenues of $ 150 billion, higher than before the iPhone launch Apple’s total revenue in 12 years (1995-2006).

3, the revenue generated by the iPhone each quarter is almost close to $ 25 billion a year to reach 100 billion U.S. dollars. The second quarter of 2012, iPhone revenue share of Apple’s overall revenue of up to 58%. The iPhone alone, the size of Apple’s more than Microsoft and most other companies. The first quarter of this year, iPhone products and services revenue totaled $ 22.69 billion, much higher than Microsoft’s overall revenue of $ 17.41 billion.

4, iPhone business at least a year may produce a profit of $ 30 billion, higher than any other business in the world capable of producing profits, higher than the profits generated by the business of the General Motors Company (GE), higher than the profits of the entire Microsoft company, is higher than Google’s profits, higher than Wal-Mart’s profits, almost as much energy tycoon Exxon Mobil’s profits.

5,5 years, Apple’s market value to grow five-fold, from $ 106 billion in June 2007, a substantial growth to $ 536 billion in June 2012 to become the world’s most valuable companies.

6, iPhone has created a new industry and ecosystem. The AppStore provided 650,000 kinds of applications have been downloaded more than 30 billion times. A number of independent developers to benefit from the sales revenue assigned to 70%, so far have been income-generating over 5 billion U.S. dollars.

Competitors: Encounters “big reshuffle”

Way back five years ago, wore “arcade” titles, Nokia is still the world’s largest mobile phone brands; white-collar self-proclaimed business people also like to come up with BlackBerry and collecting email, a good “show off” their own professional enough; Andrews intelligent mobile phones and even do not know where.

At this point, iPhone asked the city, the initial pricing is $ 500, plus a two-year contract. Such a high price, not even copy and paste function not once let some people joke endless. However, when the iPhone’s price down to $ 200, people are starting to focus on this phone. Soon, Google and its hardware partners developed the Andrews system phone with a web browser and the iPhone-like touch interface. Other competitors such as Palm, BlackBerry and Samsung, and ultimately produce a touch of smart phones to join the market competition.

5 Inch Dual SIM Android Tablet Smartphone

5 Inch Dual SIM Android Tablet Smartphone

5 in inch android tablet phone

Now, five years later was to dominate the global market of mobile phone manufacturers, but now it is almost entirely reduced to the losers on the market.

Have everyone love Nokia, now has a great country over to people. According to survey of StrategyAnalytics, in the first quarter of this year, Samsung mobile phone shipments to 93.5 million units, market share for the first time beyond the Nokia. During the same period, Nokia’s shipments of only 82.7 million units, the share declined 24 percent over the previous year. The end of June this year, Nokia’s share price fell 16 percent, fell to $ 2.35 per share hit a record low since 1996. Now, the market capitalization of only $ 9.3 billion, compared to 2007, has shrunk dramatically by more than 90%.

BlackBerry manufacturer RIM is teetering, about to be acquired by the continued rumors came. 2007, BlackBerry in the U.S. market share was as high as 41% in the first quarter, leaving only 3.6%. RIM’s stock price tumbled 70 percent in the past year, the company’s value has shrunk to less than $ 5 billion, only a fifth of the peak. On June 28, RIM announced global layoffs nearly one-third of the number of layoffs of 5,000 people. RIM at the same time relevant to the life and death BlackBerry mobile operating system on the line time is postponed until early 2013.

Giantstar 7 Inch 3G Android Tablet TV Mobile Phone

Giantstar 7 Inch 3G Android Tablet TV Mobile Phone

7 inch android tablet phone

The same happened also occurred in the Palm body once all the rage, the company hired from Apple chief chairman of the board can only sigh, “changes in the world beyond our imagination, we already out of line …” In addition, many companies are suffering from “internal injuries.” Microsoft with difficulty, such as HP and Dell had the world’s hardware monopoly manufacturers falter. In 2011, Google for $ 12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola’s mobile communications sector.

Of course, the iPhone’s grab, inspired by another competitor. In 2008, Google released the Andrews operating system open source, freely available to manufacturers, allowing them to modify, innovation. The late Steve Jobs has claimed the acts resorted to “thermonuclear weapons” Andrews “plagiarism”, he stressed Apple to create an ecosystem of competitive advantage, product design to the different ideas of others is crazy. However, many experts believe that Apple’s idea of ??anti-competitive, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt asserted, “Andrews will beat the iPhone”. Of course, this is clearly premature.

Soinolon 5.2 Inch 3G Android 4.0 Pad Smartphone Tablet

Soinolon 5.2 Inch 3G Android 4.0 Pad Smartphone Tablet

5.2 inch android pad phone

Interestingly, when Apple introduced the iPhone, it seems synchronization damage their business. Before the iPhone launch, Apple’s iPod music player is the most popular mobile devices. However, integration of music with the iPhone, iPod is no longer necessary equipment, and even some Out, which is obviously not the intention of Steve Jobs.

The success of the iPhone, prompting many companies to consider something other than smartphones for their touch screen devices. For example, Apple in the enjoyment of the huge success of the smart phone to iPad ushered in the era of the Tablet PC – If there is no iPhone, Tablet PC does not like the now popular and popular.

Future-oriented, mobile terminal vendors will be how to continue? Has always been a high profile in the political arena Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi recently said that the future of these three companies can be developed: the first one is the Foxconn this phone foundries, all the vendors to do mobile phones need to find their foundry; first The two kinds of Samsung, Qualcomm, this core hardware manufacturers, all companies in the industry to do the core hardware of the phone – the screen, the CPU, flash memory and are looking for them to buy; The third is the Apple brand bargaining power and design capabilities.

Operator: “good life” will be to re-

Perhaps the most significant achievements of Steve Jobs is trying to persuade the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT & T) Apple iPhone design, all software and hardware do not even allow operators to “touch”. This broke the old tradition.

Opposite happened in the past, the Business Chamber of Commerce to mobile terminals manufacturers and software developers to provide specific instructions, telling them the phone should have what features. By adhering to the dominant on the iPhone, Apple has done for users to design mobile phone, cell phone and not designed for operators. Apple to create

A mini-networked computers, use very simple and convenient. Of course, iPhone is not only for operators of Good News. Today, all the handset manufacturers are competing to use a variety of stylish hardware and software to attract users, rather than a lot a lot to the operators to give money. Yes, for the operators, sit back and enjoy the good old days are gone forever. For example, iMessage reduce the number of people to send text messages through the operator; FaceTime, has given way to other video chat tool is difficult to catch up. AppStore for shops to provide users with a large number of high-quality third-party applications … these services and their steady stream of income, has nothing to do with the telecom operators.

Horace Dedi You graduated from Harvard Business School has long been concerned the iPhone’s market performance, in his view, the iPhone so that consumers understand that a mobile phone not only can only make phone calls and send text messages. It allows consumers to realize that the original there are some operators can not provide other services, now they pay more attention to these additional services, rather than traditional phone service, which is why some mobile phone services can be seized for development reasons, such as Siri is mobile social services, mobile search service. These additional services has also weakened the forces of the operators in service charges. Of course, operators can also benefit from the services of the user’s data traffic, but the operator side to reduce the service fee price war, one has to bear the pressure of network congestion.

Needless to say, as the channel value is shrinking, telecom operators are facing the embarrassment of being marginalized. “Do not ‘dumb’ channel, to do integrated information service provider”, which is now a number of telecom operators transformation goals.

Apple iPhone to enter the market first five years of good performance, but Strategy Analytics believes that the next five years may have an even greater challenge for Apple, as telecom operators will reflect on their subsidies given to the product costs, and Apple will face more intense competition from the likes of Samsung and other companies.

App developers: the new “feast”

Apple second-generation iPhone was launched in 2008, it application store (App Store) opened, which is a digital store for users to download software and expansion of mobile phone functions. , IPhone seems to have become everyone holding a years machine, just download some software, the iPhone can “change” as the video game, video editor, reader, or to practice, practice guitar, piano … …

Apple’s download and purchase applications become extremely simple. Users need to do is to enter the password for the iTunes, click on the download button – when users purchase iTunes music, has been on the operations familiar in the heart. Therefore, some lucky software developer earning a huge amount from the sale of application software. Suddenly, independent app developers into a viable career, and is no longer just a hobby. Around the App development, many emerging start-up companies have emerged. Before the iPhone launch, the software developers to rely on the shareware model to market products, they will provide a toll-free streamlined version to entice users to purchase the full version. A large extent, this marketing strategy is the shadow of the Adobe and Microsoft, these large software companies overshadowed by these big companies have huge marketing budgets and retail partners.

However, the Apple application store as digital retail store, so everyone has equal opportunity. As software developers, barriers to entry in the lower, smart phones are now able to use hundreds of thousands of applications to meet the needs of the people, hobbies and interests. Now, developers worldwide to create a new business from their own mobile applications. Many developers are work at home.

Smartphones to a variety of application software to find the one most suitable for the growth of land, leaving many App developers to share a “feast”. Similar to the “angry bird” which has been success stories, is to ignite the enthusiasm and hope of many developers.

As of June this year, Apple’s AppStore application of the total number has reached 650,000 total downloads exceed 30 million, Apple for application developers to pay into the revenue to reach $ 5 billion. In addition to Apple, a lot of smart phones has its own application store, such as Motorola’s intellectual Park, Cool Coolmart, Samsung, Nokia and other companies for their own users to provide application download, telecom operators are actively create their own application store . A variety of application of innovation and competition, but also to encourage more teams and individual developers to enter the field of application development.

User behavior: unknowingly change

Before the iPhone, smart phones are a luxury the family. However, due to the iPhone designed to become more personalized products and now, at least in the United States, a family manpower to a very popular smart phone.

Before the iPhone, there are many that would allow people to play games, listen to music or watch the video phone. However, the experience of the use of these features are usually very bad, most entertainment is still completed in the living room or on the computer. However, iPhone has changed all that. Other mobile phone manufacturers are forced to improve their products, media playback, and now, more and more people in the iPhone and other mobile devices to play games, watch videos and listen to music.

“First-class interactive experiences, sense of design stunning, professional opinion, the equipment prior to the launch of the iPhone five years ago, almost all of them are very easy to lose interest in the use. Apple has brought a truly market-focused design, and in this process to help improve the look and feel of the current mobile devices. Five years ago, many people believe that the smart phone is not suitable, they think that if you do not often send and receive e-mail or browse the Web, smart phones is fancy machines in Taiwan. However, the emergence of the iPhone completely subverts the idea.

The iPhone on the market impact is very fast. Most people may feel less than 80 years to calculate the changes in the field, but almost everyone can see the iPhone how to change our lives. Of course, from the bad-oriented point of view, due to the reason of the iPhone and Andrews smart phone, “80″, “90″ are often few minutes can not be on the Sina microblogging anxiety, and even some people will continue to beat pocket Attorney smart phones are still safe and sound … a bit like addicted to these acts.

3.5 Inch Capacitive Multi-touch Screen Android 2.2 Dual Sim TV Smartphone Hiphone TTH2000

3.5 Inch Capacitive Multi-touch Screen Android 2.2 Dual Sim TV Smartphone Hiphone TTH2000

3.5 inch China Hiphone

Whether you love it or hate it, Apple this touch screen mobile phone user behavior can not hide. Chen fork never made a secret self-proclaimed “fruit powder brush microblogging own love for Apple – the iPhone, MacBook Air painting Figure, playing games with the iPad,” Seeing with the iPhone from the high rich handsome, white, rich heart well, almost into the hands of an essential, ‘hanging wire’ “In his opinion, the iPhone unwittingly change the lives of many people – whether working methods, or means of communication and friends, or doing daily plans and reading.

A few years ago, if you still doubt, a phone can to make your online shopping, the Internet, watching movies anytime, anywhere, on the QQ, navigation, and commodity price ratio? Perhaps many people the answer is: not quite convinced. the iPhone easy to break all of the above questions, all easy to achieve, but can do much more than that.

Now, people use cell phones has changed dramatically. Call, send SMS once the phone is the most commonly used functions, but now, smartphone users mobile Internet daily has more than talk time. A British research company mobile phone usage on the 2000 smartphone users to do some interviews, the results show that the phone features the most used to browse the web, followed by the login Facebook (Facebook) “,” tweets (Twitter) social networking sites, games and music breakdown of the third and fourth, the fifth of the calls columns commonly used phone functions, the time of the day, 12.08 minutes, while the use of time for the first four features add up to nearly two hours. The user also with similar results after the first quarter of this year, Google and market research firm IPSOS common usage survey of smartphone users in China, the Chinese city of smart phone users increasingly rely on smart phones high, 56% of users every day at least the use of smart phones to access the Internet once the main acts in order to use the search engine, log on social networking sites, send and receive e-mail and log on video sharing sites.

According to an analysis of articles published by Ctutu, said if the mobile phone has changed the culture of communication between people, the iPhone has changed the relationship between people and technology, whether good or bad. For example: as small as 2-year-old children could have very intuitive to use touch panel to interact with the iPhone; senior citizens 80 and never touched a computer for the elderly, suddenly began to play a 3.5 inch screen mobile phone … medical care, food and beverage, banking , retail and other traditional industries, are working and iPhone cotton. Because they know that it is not just a phone, but a change the world “artifact”.

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Jul 13

Nokia layoffs finally in China, began to move. Accompanied with layoffs, Nokia will integrate the four major areas of the original East and West to the northern and southern region, will undo the preparation of the Western and Eastern region, into the Great Southern area and North.

Dual SIM 3G GPS Rugged Android Smartphone with Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof Function

Dual SIM 3G GPS Rugged Android Smartphone with Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof Function

Rugged android phone

For the future of Nokia mobile phones League Secretary General Yanhui “China Times” reporter analysis, in order to return to the boss of the world is more difficult, but into the first three, there is still hope, into the premise of the first three also rely on Microsoft support for possible future Nokia and Microsoft merged into the Microsoft system. This is reminiscent of the Motorola mobile business into the embrace of Google, Nokia is Motorola’s second?

5 Inch Dual SIM Android Tablet Smartphone

5 Inch Dual SIM Android Tablet Smartphone

5 inch android phone

Four districts to change the two District

July 12, Nokia company’s confirmation, will two of the Western District and Eastern Region of the preparation of undo, into the Great Southern area and North, meanwhile, will be layoffs.

For the introduction of Nokia in Beijing, China Consulting Manager Gao Xiang, Nokia China in four major regions of East and West, were merged into the south and north areas. West headquarters in Chengdu has been incorporated into the Great Southern District, Guangzhou, Eastern headquarters in Shanghai is classified North, by the Beijing govern.

Gao Xiang said the streamlined, two things the employees to the sales staff, management and public relations type of staff or go to Beijing or Guangzhou, or being laid off. However, specifically related to the number of layoffs, Gao Xiang did not disclose.

This phase is associated with the new Nokia general manager of the Southern District is the former Western District person in charge is responsible for the new person in charge of a large North is the former North leader responsible for, the person in charge of the remaining two of the original region of former Yugoslavia District person in charge of Eastern person in charge of another appointment.

G17 Dual SIM Dual Standby 4.3 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Android 2.3 GPS WIFI TV Bluetooth 3G WCDMA Smart Phone

G17 Dual SIM Dual Standby 4.3 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Android 2.3 GPS WIFI TV Bluetooth 3G WCDMA Smart Phone

4.3 inch android phone

Nokia China’s adjustment, the market is generally considered to be a reflection of Nokia’s global restructuring in June. June 14 this year, Nokia announced the end of 2013 up to and layoffs at 10,000 to cut the expenditure of 1.6 billion euros. There were news that the 10,000 job cuts worldwide will also spread to the Nokia company, at least in some of China’s R & D staff will re-adjustment of the system development side to leave the company.

For Nokia the global large-scale layoffs, Analysys International analyst Wang Ying July 12, “China Times” reporter analysis, mainly due to: the whole economic environment downturn, Europe’s debt crisis spread to the traditional manufacturing enterprises; Nokia products, the update rate has lagged behind the industry as a whole, the new hard to restore the decline, and Apple, Android phone lines to the China mobile phone industry to bring new profit model, relying on the services to make money, so rely on hardware trading Nokia is the transition takes time also need the original organizational structure to adjust.

China Cool 1.5 Inch Touchscreen Watch Cell Phone

China Cool 1.5 Inch Touchscreen Watch Cell Phone

cool watch mobile phone

Times of crisis

A few years ago, few people think of the global mobile phone leader Nokia will drop such a predicament.

U.S. market research firm IDC released in the first quarter of 2012, worldwide mobile phone shipments data show that South Korea’s Samsung Corporation for the quarter fell swoop than Nokia to become the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers. However, in 2004, IDC began keeping statistics on the global mobile phone shipments, Nokia has always occupy the first place.

In the Chinese market, Nokia recession is also to be seen, “China Times” reporter from Analysys International on July 12 in the first quarter of 2012 China Mobile [85.45 0.83% end-market quarterly monitoring data to see seasonal Samsung, Nokia, Huawei breakdown of sales in the first three of the Chinese mobile phone market, market share was 20.7%, 13.6%, 8.3%, while Nokia's year-on-year decline in market share of 18.5 percent, is rising faster domestic brands occupied by

As we all know, in fact, nowadays Nokia blocking not only the Samsung, more terrible opponent Apple, the Apple iPhone nowadays fame and fortune of the scenery of the global smartphone market at a glance. IDC last year's second quarter data show that the Apple iPhone's shipments reached 20.3 million, more than 16.7 million Nokia, winning the position of the boss of smartphones, the end of Nokia's fifteen years in a row occupy boss history.

Wrist Watch Mobile Phone with Camera/FM Radio/Compass as a Beautiful Gift

Wrist Watch Mobile Phone with Camera/FM Radio/Compass as a Beautiful Gift

wrist watch mobile phone

Fall on the mobile phone business, Nokia earnings also reflected. Nokia announced 2012 first quarter results, net revenue of 7.354 billion euros, compared to 10.399 billion euros in the same period last year, a drop of 29 percent, compared to a net loss of 929 million euros, compared to net income of 344 million euros.

Hope in Microsoft?

Nokia does not a good grasp of mobile phones into the touch era of market opportunities. “Yanhui July 12, said the decline of Nokia’s main reason for the” China Times “reporter.

Nokia President and CEO Stephen Elop Stephen Elop said in the June announcement of layoffs and reorganization of the company, “We plan to increase focus on Lumia, continue to develop innovative around our feature phones, while strengthening our location service . ”

4.0 Inch Touchscreen GPS TV WiFi Android Cell Phone

4.0 Inch Touchscreen GPS TV WiFi Android Cell Phone

4.0 inch android phone

The data show that Stephen Elop on September 10, 2010 by the Nokia Board of Directors appointed as the new president and CEO, previously president of Microsoft’s business software division, Nokia Stephen Elop to reverse the decline of the company.

Stephen Elop will save Nokia is pinning its hopes in the body of the old club Microsoft. February 11 last year, Nokia announced that, to reach a broad strategic partnership with Microsoft, and Windows Phone as its main smartphone operating system.

Nokia and Microsoft will work together to establish an unparalleled, covering a very wide global mobile ecosystem. “Stephen Elop said at the time.

But is worth noting that yes, Nokia optimistic about the Lumia uses Microsoft 2 010 years the autumn launch of the Windows Phone7 (referred to as WP7) mobile phone operating system, June 21, Microsoft releases the latest smart phone operating system, the Windows Phone8 (referred to WP8) has said break with WP7 (Note: WP7 can not be upgraded to WP8), which makes the Nokia embarrassing realm, WP8 not a single Nokia and other brands of mobile phones can also be shared, which undoubtedly is a challenge to Nokia.

Wang Ying, further adjustment of Nokia’s organizational structure and business, there may be ready for the future “prostitute”.

The fact that the relationship between Nokia and Microsoft, easily reminiscent of the Motorola Mobile and Google teamed then. Motorola also is the “pet” of the global mobile phone terminal, but later changed to “the hardy children, and finally get married in August 15 last year, when the global search leader Google Inc. announced a $ 12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola mobile business, this Motorola phone to be regarded with good end-result. ”

Nokia will become the “Motorola”? This is an issue of concern, and hope that the Nokia to work out a new path.

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Jul 13

Abstract: the grand Bambook smart phone since last month on the 28th in its official website test marketing, continued the hot pre-sale. The message from the grand official said the first five minutes of sales of 10,000 units, made a pretty good start, create a new record of China’s mobile phone sales in one fell swoop.

Soinolon 5.2 Inch 3G Android 4.0 Pad Smartphone Tablet

Soinolon 5.2 Inch 3G Android 4.0 Pad Smartphone Tablet

5.2 inch 3G android pad phone

The grand Bambook smart Android phone since last month on the 28th in its official website test market continues hot pre-sale. The message from the grand official said the first five minutes of sales of 10,000 units, made a pretty good start, create a new record of China mobile phone sales in one fell swoop.

Giantstar 7 Inch 3G Android Tablet TV Mobile Phone

Giantstar 7 Inch 3G Android Tablet TV Mobile Phone

7 inch android phone tablet

July 10, the grand the grand Bambook smartphone project Nutshell Electronics CEO Mr. Guo Zhaohui, to speak in their own microblogging: Many people are asking for specific pre-sale data, based on the company principle of confidentiality, I can not say, but you can revealed that yes, we test market for the first time the figure was more than eight times that of Xiaomi. Of course, please do not use the 30 Wan Cheng 8.

Hereco Android SmartPhone With 4.0 inch capacitive Touch Screen (GPS, WIFI, WCDMA, IPS)

Hereco Android SmartPhone With 4.0 inch capacitive Touch Screen (GPS, WIFI, WCDMA, IPS)

4.0 inch android phone

I believe that the grand cell phone before the end of the reason why in the first round of pre-sale will be able to perform so well, should be inseparable from a series of features and the powerful hardware configuration, high cost.

Grand Bambook smart phone using the Italian method? Ericsson (STE) new U8500 1G dual-core processor, the processor features is new Cortex-A9 architecture, adding the out-of-order execution and NEON coprocessor greatly enhance the computational performance. In particular, games, video, audio, and other closely related on the floating point performance, the A8 processor architecture compared to the Xiaomi phone used to enhance a times, in performance at the same time, both the low power consumption.

Grand Bambook smartphones Sharp 4.3 inches the qHD top high definition LCD screen, resolution up to 960 * 540, the finesse of up to 256ppi, close to the retinal resolution limit indicators compared to 4 inches, resolution 854 * 480 Xiaomi phone is no doubt high a grade. Grand phone’s screen using the CPA based on the ASV technology leading display mode, colorful and rich level, even the sun can also be clearly displayed. And provides 178 degree wide viewing angle and ultra-high response time, clear and smooth display without ghosting.

The price, $ 1299 a grand phone compared to the Xiaomi is 700 yuan, the price advantage is obvious. Customer Service the grand Bambook smartphone new industry standard, the first to introduce the 7 * 24 hours year-round customer service hotline, professional and enthusiastic, ready to solve all kinds of advice and questions of the user.

Era of market economy, consumers are very discerning. Believe that higher quality, more reasonable prices and better products to get more consumers of all ages! The grand Bambook deemed to be the beginning of the smart phone pre-sale success, and these three are inseparable.

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Jul 11

[REVIEW] Jiang Qiping, industry analyst from Ctutu, reminds the industry, the Chinese smart phone even become the “international brand”, “Chinese cabbage” is still “cabbage”. In fact, the era of international brands on the mobile device is in the past, the real future of smart phone in the smart rather than on the phone.

Soinolon 5.2 Inch 3G Android 4.0 Pad Smartphone Tablet

Soinolon 5.2 Inch 3G Android 4.0 Pad Smartphone Tablet

5.2 inch 3G android phone

There is no minimum, only lower, Is this the opponents of the mobile phone arena? And now, even smart phones shy quoted the price of cabbage.

In the Che Kung Temple and some 3C Electric’s website, the South, the reporter saw a phone named Little Bee shipments priced at 299 yuan, setting a new low of the smartphone market. Reporters see in the configuration table, this model IOCO i9900 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen frequency 1G is also disguising the MTK 6515 Intelligent Platform impressively, android2.3 operating system, WIFI, dual card dual be also be served. However, although preceded by the name of the smart, but can not support 3G Internet access and video calls.

Sale hotline, surnamed Zhang, person in charge told reporters the South, the spending power of the general group for students and low-level white-collar workers, they like to experience the network, especially in the initial exchange of the smart machine. ”

5.0 Inch Android 3G WCDMA TV Smart Phone (Wifi GPS & Capacitive Screen)

5.0 Inch Android 3G WCDMA TV Smart Phone (Wifi GPS & Capacitive Screen)

5.0 inch android phone

Li Hao, senior analyst of the mobile phone industry analysis, told reporters from the market of the hardware costs 299 yuan Chu Huojia may not make money, or even a loss, but does not exclude the idea of ??the vendor to lose money. First regardless of make money not make money, cash flow is the most important. Can stimulate sales of other products increase, and business promotion, commonly used in ultra-low deals to attract the customer diversionary is the same reason. ”

In fact, all of this behind the scenes to push the hand a lot of the industry’s “cottage” said MediaTek is not bypassing the role. Last year launched a 3G android phone chip MT6573, MediaTek’s first dual-core chip MT6577 mobile phone will be three quarter sights on the $ 200 mobile phone market.

In April this year, a new domestic brand Green Orange introduced two cost-effective smartphone Mars1 and the Mars2 the minimum price of 599 yuan, equipped with Qualcomm’s chips. At the same time, there is 499 yuan, 559 yuan machines start to appear intelligent machine 500 yuan level war has been waged. Shenzhen’s cell phone industry believes that, not just brands, Shenzhen hundreds of cottage mobile phone manufacturers to the brink of collapse, currently have leveraging MediaTek chips seek rebirth, “China mobile  phone market in the second half will have a good show to see.”

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Hereco Android SmartPhone With 4.0 inch capacitive Touch Screen (GPS, WIFI, WCDMA, IPS)

4.0 inch android phone

The battle of the low-cost intelligent machines, but also the participation of the operators even more lively. The reporter noted that, in Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom three strategic thousands of intelligent machines only vaguely referred to a thousand dollars from top to bottom level, did not down deep exploration, there is no clear lower limit.

Each other’s evidence, the report shows an increase of 164 percent in the first quarter smartphone shipments to 33.1 million, beyond the United States, 25 million U.S. investment bank Needham & Company. MediaTek’s global marketing director Chih-Hung Lin had also said that the global smart phone shipments in the highest country, is expected in 2012 the Chinese market overall mobile phone sales of about $ 300 million, including smart phones accounted for 55%, about $ 164 million.

However, industry analysts Jiang Qiping opinion, mobile development to the era of smart phones, we suddenly do a cell phone, it seems that the smart phone is yet another generation of mobile phone hardware, just to understand from the perspective of the device, which can cause great misunderstanding. Smart phones are feature phones, smart here actually refers to internet service, reflects the trend of the mobile industry focus from manufacturing to service.

Smart phone with the price war will soon be like the PC is then the same as selling a cabbage price. “Jiang Qiping to alert the industry, the Chinese smart phone even become the” international brand “,” cabbage “is still” cabbage “. In fact, the era of international brands on the mobile device is in the past, the real future of smart phone in the smart rather than on the phone.

Gliponstar 4.7 Inch 3G Android Smart Phone with Multi-touch Screen (WCDMA WIFI GPS)

Gliponstar 4.7 Inch 3G Android Smart Phone with Multi-touch Screen (WCDMA WIFI GPS)

4.7 inch android phone

Related to dynamic

Smartphone hardware competition to enter the era of quad-core

The iPhone, in contrast, Taobao shop purchasing the last few days, booking services surging, one of the most bright spots from the printing of “Apple may be equipped with quad-core processor of the signal for the iPhone 5.

Smart phone, quad-core storm has been creeping up. According to the understanding of the Southern Reporter, more and more manufacturers to seize the market, are trying to introduce quad-core smartphone. M WC last year’s World Mobile Communications Summit, handset manufacturers are still in competition with “dual core”. This year’s conference, Huawei, ZTE, HTC, LG showed the “quad-core” intelligent machines, opened the curtain of this year, smartphone hardware race. Shenzhen local smart machine manufacturer, Yulong Coolpad also told reporters that its quad-core machine is redoubling its efforts to advance.

In the opinion of the Warring States mobile phone industry analyst Yang Qun, from single core to dual core, quad-core and then to now stir-fried, just a two or three years time, smart mobile phone manufacturers dedication of the hardware upgrade, it may seem crazy. Pursuit of the mobile phone industry on the performance of CPU and other hardware almost tied the PC.

Gu Wei, general manager of Suning communication adopt marketing management center Throughout the development trend of the mobile phone industry and mobile phone manufacturers, chip makers’ enthusiasm with the growing popularity of intelligent machines, consumer awareness of mobile phone brands will gradually fade , the phone’s hardware and software configuration and performance will determine the success or failure of a cell phone. He predicted that the intelligent machine will enter the era of the “quad” in early 2013.

However, although the “quad” represents the state-of-the-art standards for smart phones nowadays hardware, but the high costs destined to the popularity of quad-core will take some time, tens of thousand dollars is difficult to easily pay for the average consumer.

The so-called “fish in troubled waters”, a major dual-core smartphone with its good performance and the friendly price “market fighting war”. Southern reporter learned from Suning and other merchants, domestic manufacturers TCL recently launched S900 retina screen of 4.5 inches + A9 architecture 1.5G dual core processor, a strong combination of players as many mobile phone “millet Terminator” title; a Dell using 4.3 inch QHD touchscreen dual-core processor phone D43 to the market price of 1799 yuan “spoiler” smart phones and Internet phone market; Sony Ericsson smart phones of the world’s first PSP Z1i reported a new low price of 1299 yuan.

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